Welcome to Mana Plathong Farm



       We would kindly introduce "Mana Plathong Farm",
one of the biggest goldfishes breeder in Thailand. We are
an importer and exporter who import and export goldfishes in Thailand.
       Mana Plathong Farm was established by
Mr. Preecha
since 1985. We breed goldfishes in our farm 
which is various type such as Ryukin goldfish, Oranda gold
fish,Black Moor goldfish, Pearlscale goldfish, Panda Moor
goldfish, Red-White Lionhead goldfish, Red Lionhead goldfish,
Red-White, Ranchu goldfish, Red Ranchu goldfish, Siamese
Lionhead goldfish, Bubble eye goldfish, etc.
 Mana Plathong Farm experienced in Goldfish
breeding more than 20 years.
We are concentrated to
take care goldfishes for ended customers who will receive
healthy goldfishes. We wish all our customers will be pleased
in wonderful goldfishes with reasonable price.
       Mana Plathong Farm have policy that we will provide
the best goldfishes with "Sincerity" and "Honesty" to our

- Our Quality
 We have a quality control for our goldfishes. Our
specialist will prove and separate goldfishes into 3 types
grade AA (Show Class), A and B. and also we have a
deliverly service both in Thailand and Oversea.

Our Consulting Service
        We are expert and sophisticated on goldfishes.
We are able to provide you good advise and share
experience on breeding,feeding, farming, goldfish tip
and technic, infection, disease, chelleging, distribute and so on .
We can solve all problems".
- Our Delivery Service
         Our service provide for retailer, wholesaler and exporter. Lead time and price depend on discuss with distributors.
- Address Farm

        6 Nakornsawan Soi38 Nakornsawan Road Tarad Muang Mahasarakham 44000 



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Manaplathong Farm is the best goldfish breeder in Thailand.

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